Cabbage is our veg of the month for June!


You can read more about our Cabbage products – Green Cabbage, Red Cabbage & BeetrootBubble & Squeak, Colcannon and our Salad Pots on our Range Page!



Some of our top Cabbage Recipes:

- BBQ Mexican Halloumi Tacos with Summer Salads


- Buffalo Chicken Wings Platter


- Green Cabbage & Chorizo Stew


- St Patrick’s Day Bowl

Did you know:

- Did you know there are at least 100 different types of cabbage?


- Cabbage can be cooked in a variety of ways! It can be steamed, boiled, microwaved, stuffed or stir fried, as well as eaten raw in the form of salads of pickles.


- When cabbage is steamed, which it is here at Mash Direct, this helps to preserve all its nutrients, keeping it fresh and full of flavour!