Taste the goodness.


Absolutely all of our products are gluten-free, all of them! That means they are perfect for people who have gluten intolerances or just like to lead a gluten-free lifestyle.


No Additives

We’ve not gone through all the trouble of selecting the best varieties of vegetables and carefully cooking them to perfection to then go and mask their naturally superb flavour. We don’t add any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives to our products (they taste great already!).


5 A Day

At Mash Direct, we are on a mission to help people make healthier choices and eat more vegetables. That’s why the majority of our products count toward your recommended intake of vegetables.


Steam Cooked

When cooking vegetables for a long period of time, their cell walls start to collapse and they lose the nutrients and vitamins that we need to keep us healthy. That’s why we gently steam cook our vegetables to retain as many nutrients as possible, meaning that you get the healthy boost you need.



We do our best to ensure that everyone can try one of our products and reduce the risk of cross-contamination of allergens at the farm. Some of our products contain: dairy, milk, butter, cheese, eggs but it’s always best to check on the back of our packaging where you will find all allergens clearly labelled.


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