Environment and Sustainability

Sustainability Report 2021


We’re pleased to be launching our 2021 Mash Direct Sustainability Report outlining our pledges in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and our commitment towards improved social, economic and environmental sustainability.


You can read the full report by clicking the cover below.


Mash Direct Sustainability Report 2021 Cover



Our Ethos

Someone famous once said, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could live off the land?” (we think) and for six generations that is exactly what we have been doing at Mash Direct. Our farmland not only provides food for our family but for families across Northern Ireland and the rest of the world.

Crop Rotation

Our farmland has been good to us, we like to return the favour by ensuring that we rotate our crops and farming patterns to ensure that the land and soil have time to recover after each harvest.


We are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We voluntarily participate in the Government’s Climate change Agreements (CCA) and consistently meet the associated targets for carbon reduction through a range of energy efficiency measures.


In 2019 we set ourselves the challenge to ‘Go More Green!’ By moving over to green and clear trays we will be removing over 240 tonnes of black plastic from the food system every year!

Food waste

As our veggies don’t have to hit the high visual standards asked by supermarkets, this means that we have been able to significantly reduce our wastage by being able to use our “ugly” veg in all of our products.

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