We like growth.  Martin is a fifth generation son of the soil and has been growing at Ballyrainey Farm (the home of Mash Direct) for over twenty-five years.   For almost ten years Mash Direct itself has been growing and growing and this week we are excited to announce that work has begun on our new industrial kitchen.  The new building will sit beside our existing industrial kitchen on the farm and in time will double our production capacity.  That means twice the Mash Direct!


Having grown up on Ballyrainey Farm myself it is incredible to see how far we have come.  From the offices in the farmyard to the production facilities that now stand where the carrot washing house used to be it has been an incredible journey.  Vegetables from our fields are now being sold fresh in supermarkets across the UK and Ireland and as far away as New York and Dubai.  The new industrial kitchen is another step forward.


To growth!