At Mash Direct, our connection to the humble spud is undeniable. Serving as the backbone of numerous products, it's not just a staple for us – it's a star, cherished in dishes across our beloved customer homes!


The Marketing Department initially set out to roll the red carpet for potatoes on National Potato Day. However, fitting all the grandeur into 24 hours became a conundrum. This led us to ponder: Why limit our appreciation to just a single day?


Today Mash Direct is calling to transform the traditional National Potato Day into an entire week of potato celebration. We're proudly unveiling the very first National Potato Week! And the party isn't exclusive – we invite everyone to partake in the festivities.


Tracy Hamilton, President of Mash Direct, reflected, "For six generations, our family has understood the invaluable role of the potato. It's not just a crop but a tapestry of memories, traditions, and unwavering commitment. By championing National Potato Week, we aim to honour the spud's legacy and the countless hands in our lineage that have cultivated and celebrated it!"


Kickstarting on Monday, August 14th and culminating on Sunday, August 20th, our "Spud-tacular Week" promises a medley of potato-centric fun, exciting competitions and giveaways. Moreover, we're charting the odyssey of our potatoes, tracing their journey from our family fields right to the dinner plate!


Jack Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer of Mash Direct, shared, "This 'Spud-tacular Week' is more than an event; it's a testament to the legacy of the potato in our culture and cuisine. We at Mash Direct cherish the stories and warmth each potato brings. By championing a week-long tribute, we hope to kindle that same passion and reverence in every heart and home."


Embrace the spirit of the potato with Mash Direct. and join us to make National Potato Day a resounding National Potato Week! 


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