Our great value Christmas Box is designed to save you time and money this festive season! Download the order form!


It's crammed with all the traditionally prepared vegetables you need for a Christmas feast –

1x Mashed Potato (1 kg)

1x Red Cabbage & Beetroot (500g)

1x Carrot & Parsnip (1 kg)

2x Honey Roasted Parsnips (300g)

1x Brussels Sprouts with Butter Glaze (280g)

2x Roast Potatoes (400g)

Serves 6-8


To order: Download & print our order form. Fill it in and take it to your local SPAR, EUROSPAR or VIVO in Northern Ireland. Order deadline is 15.12.2017


If you live in England, you can order our Ocado Christmas Box. Available through Ocado for just £17.50 and crammed full of vegetable side dishes:


3x Roast Potatoes (400g)

1x Potato Croquettes (300g)

1x Red Cabbage & Beetroot (500g)

2x Honey Roast Parsnips (300g)

1x Brussel Sprouts & Butter Glaze (560g)

1x Baton Carrots in an Orange Sauce (350g)