One of the most rewarding things about working at Mash Direct is hearing all the positive comments from our Mash Fans… Because at the end of the day your opinions are the most important thing!

We appreciate your feedback so much as we are truly passionate about creating nutritious and delicious food, which has the taste and texture of good wholesome food just like your Granny used to make.

Below is just a selection of the kind words that have been sent in so far in 2016, to show you how much we appreciate them!

Derek 28/3/16

I love your mash potatoes, they are amazing and taste like you have made them yourself, there is no other ready meal mash that comes close. They are really healthy too compared to supermarket own makes. I love your other products too like the mashed turnip and potato cakes.


Mary 23/3/16

So thrilled that they are gluten free, yay!!! Thank you so much and may you continue to go and grow from strength to strength. I am quite sure that I shall be a dedicated member of your fan club.


Stacey 22/3/16

I absolutely love your range of products - my favourite is mashed turnip - tastes as good as the real thing without the hours of preparation! I adore baby chilli potatoes- I have them weekly for tea, and I love the cheese and onion croquettes.


John 08/3/16

I'd just like to let you know how tasty your broccoli and cheese sauce product is. I am vegetarian so I was looking along the aisle in my local ASDA store for something and came across this one. The quality is superb. It tastes great. It is ready to eat in 5 minutes. Oh, and it's good value too. I like cauliflower with cheese sauce but prefer broccoli and cheese sauce so this product is perfect in many ways. Well done! PS I eat it as a meal for one.


Rose 02/3/16

Hi there- I love your carrot and parsnip mash to bits! I am on a major healthy eating plan for my wedding on the 5th Aug. In 6 weeks I've lost 17 lbs, and I have to say thanks to your product helping me achieve this. It's sooo brilliant my 18 year old daughter is stealing my supplies for herself!


Andrea 23/2/16

Only in the last few weeks have I discovered Mash Direct products. I've tried your vegetable burger and your Rosti. I had the Rosti for supper this evening. Your products are simply the most delicious and tasty vegetarian, gluten free foods I have ever tasted! And excellent value. I've never sent unsolicited feedback like this before but when a manufacturer is getting their product SO right, it should be acknowledged. With every good wish, with thanks - and keep up the good work!


Charlene 22/2/16

Just emailing to let you know how much I love all your products, the broccoli and cheese is my favourite. All tastes so fresh!


Geoffrey 11/2/16

Hello, just a line to compliment you on your Chilli Baby Bakes: ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!! Love the crumbs and seasoning and the potatoes are to die for. Many thanks for this product, keep them coming PLEASE.


Anne 04/2/16

Good Morning I would like to say how very impressed my husband and I were when speaking to your representative at Tesco, Castlereagh Road, yesterday morning, What a lovely girl! She was so pleasant and a pleasure to talk to. I just feel it is nice to show appreciation of someone like this and I do hope she will continue to do well in your company. She is so far from home and it is nice to know that she is really enjoying life here in Northern Ireland. Ann


Eveline 02/2/16

Hello, this is not an enquiry, but praise! My husband and I just wanted you to know that we think your cauliflower cheese gratin is superb. We have enjoyed it several times now since we first found it on Ocado's website and we had it again last night and again thought it was absolutely delicious. We are both in our 70's so are not easily given to high praise, but this dish is worthy of it. I usually make home cooked dinners from scratch, but occasionally have a ready meal and this is by far our favourite. Thank you.


Olivia 25/1/16

Not an enquiry just a big congratulations on gorgeous products (Mash/carrots/Cabbage) that is what our local shop stock love them and they have made cooking so fast and easy and healthy - hope they stock more soon. Big thanks to you all xx


Tim 13/1/16

Just wanted say how much I enjoyed munching down your vegetable burgers with cabbage just now :) They were delish! Ta so much for making such a tasty burger - really the nicest veggie burger I've had. Only gave up meat a week ago for various reasons, and while not missing it a bit (and even lost a few stubborn kilos), I could gobble your veggie burgers till the cows come home (which they may now do as I won't eat them). Awesomeness in a crispy casing. Yum. Happy 2016!


April 6/1/16

Hi there, just wanted to send you an email to let you know how much me and my family enjoy your broccoli in cheese sauce. We're always looking to try new foods, and yours was not a disappointment, even with two fussy children. We look forward to trying more of your delicious products in the very near future. Keep up the good work =)