Mash Direct  is celebrating its 20th anniversary their latest innovation with a delightful twist on a classic favourite: Mashed Potato Birthday Edition!


This creation combines the comforting familiarity of creamy mashed potato grown on our family farm with a delightful twist of vanilla essence, all crowned with luscious icing and a burst of colourful birthday sprinkles. You can pick up a pack of our Mashed Potato Birthday Edition for RRP £1.99 in most retail supermarkets and Independent Stores.


Jack Hamilton, CEO at Mash Direct comments "Our Limited-Edition Mashed Potato Birthday Edition is a testament to our dedication to creativity and quality. It's a dish that encapsulates the spirit of celebration and brings smiles to faces, just as we've aimed to do for the past two decades.


Mash Direct is known for their revolutionary prepared vegetable and potato side dishes, perfect for every occasion so, to commemorate their 20th Anniversary celebrations this year it seemed like the perfect addition to their award-winning range of products. The Limited-Edition Birthday Mashed Potato is not just a culinary creation; it's a sensory experience! Its delectable combination of sweet and savoury, this dish promises to be a highlight of any birthday celebration or special occasion.


As a limited edition offering, Mash Direct's Mashed Potato Birthday Edition is available for a limited time only. Don't miss your chance to savour this delectable treat and join in the celebration of Mash Direct's 20th anniversary!


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April Fools!


While you won't find our Mashed Potato Birthday Edition on shelves, don't worry. We've got some authentic, delicious new products coming soon! Stay tuned! And as we're celebrating our 20th anniversary, there's no more reason to stay connected with us. Follow our journey and be part of the festivities!


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