As we approach International Women's Day, Mash Direct takes immense pride in highlighting the exceptional women within our team who are leading the way in their respective fields as their dedication, creativity, and leadership continue to inspire and drive us forward. 


This week, we share the stories and insights of three remarkable members of our team: Jenny, Katie, and Emma. Their experiences shed light on the diverse roles women play in our company and the impact they make every day.





"As the Senior Management Accountant at Mash Direct, I oversee day-to-day financial operations and manage periodic tasks such as audits and project evaluations. Collaborating closely with my finance team, we tackle challenges and continuously improve systems company-wide.


What I enjoy most in my nine years here is the dynamic nature of the job and the supportive team atmosphere. Every day offers something new, from procuring farmland to learning about potato cultivation.


While I take pride in various projects and system upgrades, I'm especially proud of my department's professional growth and teamwork. My advice to women aspiring to similar roles is to work diligently, value your team, communicate confidently, and above all, find joy in what you do."






"As the digital marketing executive at Mash Direct, I collaborate with the Digital Lead to oversee the company's social media accounts and website, with tasks ranging from content creation to customer outreach and campaign development.


What I find most fulfilling is the diversity of my role and the opportunity to explore creative ways of showcasing our products. A notable accomplishment I'm proud of is contributing to initiatives like the Belfast City Half Marathon and our community-focused Christmas campaign.


Looking ahead, I'm excited about the upcoming projects and campaigns. For women aspiring to similar roles, my advice is to exude confidence and, most importantly, enjoy what you do!"






"In my part-time role as a New Product Development Assistant at Mash Direct, I support the NPD technologist and the Quality & Innovation Manager. My typical day involves handling sample requests, sourcing ingredients, cooking and improving recipes, assisting in production, and aiding in artwork processes.


What I enjoy most is the collaborative atmosphere with others and the dynamic nature of NPD, where each day brings new challenges and ideas. I take great pride in contributing to several new and improved developments, some of which are confidential projects at the moment, but I'm looking forward to having our customers try them out.


My advice to other women aspiring to similar roles is to embrace teamwork, ask questions without hesitation, share ideas, and maintain a positive mindset while supporting and empowering colleagues."






Tracy Hamilton, co-founder and President of Mash Direct, exemplifies visionary leadership in the agri-food industry with her groundbreaking work, underscored by a steadfast dedication to sustainable farming and food production, which has propelled her to notable positions, including becoming the first woman in the Northern Ireland Food and Drink Association board. Tracy's contributions have been recognised with an MBE in 2019 for her services to the Northern Ireland Agri-Food sector, highlighting her significant impact and commitment.


Tracy empowers women to pursue their ambitions by advising, "Believe in yourself and don't be afraid to take on challenges."


Reflecting on Mash Direct's achievements, Tracy takes immense pride in Mash Direct's achievement of winning 32 Great Taste Awards to date, reflecting the company's dedication to product quality and the team's hard work. "This achievement is not just a number but represents our unwavering commitment to excellence," she says.


Equally significant to Tracy is the company's dedication to charitable activities. "I'm incredibly proud of our charity work," Tracy states. "Our engagement with the community through partnerships with local charities reflects Mash Direct's heart and soul. Collaborating with organisations like FareShare NI, The Warehouse Newtownards, and more enables us to make a meaningful difference. This commitment transcends our daily operations, affirming our dedication to nurturing our community and planting seeds of positivity for a better tomorrow."


This commitment to quality and community defines Tracy Hamilton's leadership and sets a benchmark for success and responsibility in the agri-food industry.



As we celebrate the achievements and contributions of women at Mash Direct and around the world, we're reminded of the importance of fostering an environment that supports and encourages female leadership and innovation. The stories of Jenny, Katie, Emma and Tracy highlight not just their individual successes but also the collective strength and creativity they bring to our team.


This International Women's Day, let's commit to championing the roles of women in all sectors, recognising their invaluable contributions and the diverse perspectives they offer. Together, we can create a more inclusive, equitable, and thriving future for everyone at Mash Direct and beyond.


Happy International Women's Day!