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Local communities are our customers and neighbours. Communities also share with us the water, water and natural resources that are key to our business. We are therefore committed to engaging and supporting local communities with a view to enhancing their vitality and quality of life.


Engaging and actively interacting with our communities

We take an active interest in our local communities. We host schools to showcase our processes and products to students as well as sponsoring and participating in a range of worthy causes. In particular, our Managing Directors, Martin and Tracy, regularly speak to diverse groups to share their experience and provide advice about entrepreneurship and business.

Generating Local Employment

We share a special and mutually beneficial relationship with the local towns and villages. They provide us with many of our hard working employees who have been key to our growth and success over the years. This success in turn has enabled us to employ more local people thus helping us to boost local employment.

Conserving and Protecting the Beauty of the Countryside

Our innovative farming practices help to maintain the rural landscape, improve water quality, minimise the risk of flooding and improve biodiversity. By protecting the countryside in this way, we help it to retain its value as a source of recreation, enjoyment and economic opportunity for rural communities.

Contributing to Local Economic Growth

We source many of our inputs, goods and services from local suppliers. As such, they are important partners in our success and in enabling us to provide the quality food products for which we are known across the globe.

The increased demand associated with this success means that we are procuring more goods, services and inputs from local suppliers. This provides a boost to the local economy through the knock-on effects and the increased availability of these local suppliers to provide employment.

Encouraging Healthy Eating and Diets

Customers will not be able to make healthy food choices if they are not aware of the health benefits associated with food products. We have therefore adopted the traffic light food labelling scheme which means that all of our products inform customers of the levels of saturated fats, sugars and salt in the product. When faced with a decision, customers then have the evidence to support the fact that a Mash Direct product is a healthy choice.

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