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Food manufacturer, potato and vegetable producers offering fresh, chilled, and frozen foods

Mash Direct are potato and vegetable producers and an award-winning food manufacturer serving three sectors: Retail, Food Service and Food Manufacturing. Increase in demand from non-retail sectors for our offerings has grown significantly in the past few years and the combination of our product’s unique taste and texture along with Mash Direct’s ability and willingness to create bespoke recipes is unparalleled within the current market place. In addition to this Mash Direct has invested considerable time and effort in replicating its success within the chilled product sector in the frozen sector and now supplies frozen single serve portions to one of the UK’s largest restaurant chains.

Our expertise: Wholesale Food Suppliers for Retail, Food Service Suppliers for Catering and Food To Go/Deli, and Fresh Food Manufacturers of Bulk Mash Potato, Prepared Potato and Prepared Vegetable Products.

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