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What Makes Us Special

What We Do

Mash Direct is a unique award-winning Farming Enterprise which produces an innovative range of quick-serve mashed root vegetable, potato, cabbage and other quality vegetable products with the taste and texture of homemade food.


  • The vegetables are grown, steam cooked and packaged on the farm using no artificial flavourings, preservatives or colourings. The recipe for our success includes the following ingredients:
  • We are expert vegetable growers and can draw upon five generations of specialised knowledge.
  • We benefit from perfect soil conditions, an abundance of rain (thereby negating the need for irrigation) and the moderating effects of the Gulf stream.
  • We choose to grow specific, older varieties of vegetables that are bursting with flavour, and are no longer readily available to consumers because they don’t conform to the strict size and shape requirements of most supermarkets.
  • Most of our vegetables are grown in the fields surrounding our factory and can be delivered within minutes of being harvested, ensuring maximum flavour and goodness.
  • We use gentle steam-cooking and mashing processes to retain the taste, texture and nutritional benefits.  Tony's innovative bespoke machinery ensure that our products keep these essential characteristics that make our products so unique.
  • Our vegetable accompaniment dishes are free from any artificial flavourings, preservatives or colourings.
  • We pioneered the half-sleeve packaging to enable shoppers to see our product and to help inspire confidence in the purchasing decision.


AwardsAwards we have won!