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The New Build

New Industrial Kitchen

With five generations of farming to draw from, we have a bit of a habit of looking out into the fields and seeing what is going on.  This summer there is something very different... 

Work has begun on our new industrial kitchen at Mash Direct.  The new build will open up a new chapter for us and you can track our progress through our time lapse videos! 

We are always looking to the future and the new build is very exciting.  From humble beginnings selling champ to local butchers and St. George's market we are now once again in a position to expand our production and that means lots more Mash Direct!  With nine years of experience now, we can't wait to see where our new industrial kitchen will take us. 

And besides the construction of the new industrial kitchen, our time lapse video shows just how crazy the weather in our part of the world can be during the summer!  The videos below will show the new industrial kitchen taking shape as well as telling you a wee bit about what is happening on the farm at the time. 

Time Lapse Video Gallery

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