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We have compiled a sustainability report to demonstrate the importance that sustainability plays for Mash Direct.  There are three key themes to this: farming practices, environment and our people.

Farming Practices

We integrate farming practices that maximise productivity whilst minimising adverse environmental impacts.  We achieve this by: 

  • Strategically rotating crops
  • Sustainable pest and weed control
  • Efficient soil management
  • Careful choice of seed varieties


We maintain a prudent use of resources and emphasise the protection of natural ecosystems and processes by: 

  • Minimising resource consumption
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Conserving biodiversity
  • Robust waste management

Our People

  • Respecting and developing our staff
  • Fair and equitable reward, promotion and recruitment.
  • Supporting and looking after our staff.
  • Maximising health and safety in the workplace.


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