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Some reviews from our loved customers

Mash Direct Reviews


Glutenfreecuppatea - Food Blog

'When it comes to dinner, avoiding gluten (as well as other trigger foods) is an absolute nightmare for me. That's why I usually have to cook from scratch every single night so I can guarantee what I'm eating is safe  and of course....there's a mountain of washing up to do after. But Mash Direct's amazing gluten free products have been a welcome helping hand in the kitchen in more ways than one!'

Gluten  Free = Deliciously Convenient = Mash Direct

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A Balanced Belly - Food Blog

 Mash Direct Potato Rosti

'I couldn't believe it when I came across a gluten free and dairy free Potato Rosti that tasted just like the real thing. These huge rostis are actually very low in fat too - making them a great side dish for cooked fish or chicken. Mash Direct are a great gluten free brand that makes food fresh on their family farm: offering everything from croquettes to creamy mash (most products are free from dairy products tool; just check the label). You can buy them from Ocado or direct. Another favourite is their Carrot and Parsnip Fries.'

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 The Daily Spud - Food Blog

'Theirs (Mash Direct's) is a business that survives and thrives in the ultra competitive world of ready prepared food products, an example of a simple idea, done well and succeeds because of an ingredient not explicitly listed on their packaging, which is the Hamilton family themselves. Their steam-cooked, blast-chilled and no-added-preservative vegetables have simplicity and integrity, not to mention a 12-day shelf like which, as Martin Hamilton put it, 'is a demon' - but one that hasn't stopped them finding markets for their products in places as far as New York and Dubai. As well as closer to home.'

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 Foodie Quine - Food Blog

Crispy Vegetable Bakes

'They cooked really well on the BBQ and I expect would work equally well grilled, oven cooked or fried when the weather doesn't oblige. Crispy on the outside and a tasty mix on the inside of potato, broccoli, carrot, cauliflower, spring cabbages and parsnip. Loved these and dare I say it they would also make the perfect accompaniment to a nice juicy steak.'

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The Edinburgers - Food Blog

Crispy Vegetable Bakes 

'I have to say the burgers are quick and easy to cook, either oven or grill them and there is even instructions for the BBQ, should we ever get BBQ weather! They took no time at all and when ready had a lovely crispy texture without being too hard. The addition of the salami and cheese took the burgers up a notch but even on their own, they are pretty tasty. I felt like I was getting at least one of my five a day. Each of the vegetables, broccoli, carrot. cauliflower, cabbage and parsnip could definitely be tasted. It was a chunky burger rather than being all mashed up together in a fish cake texture, This was a plus point for me!' 

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Tasting Britain - Restaurant and Product Reviews

Mashed Potato

'Many pre-prepared dishes have a distinct texture of slop and resounding sickly flavour that tastes false. I was very skeptical on trying this mash as I've never really enjoyed ready made mash to date. But...I have to give the Hamilton family their dues, it really does taste better! The texture, to start, is far more substantial than the traditional ready made versions, it has certain roughness that you expect from any potato dish but a smooth finish from the milk and butter additions. There is little to comment on in terms of flavour, as they don't add anything extra, just a little salt and pepper. I would love a tad more seasoning - probably some black pepper instead or as well as the white - but that wouldn't be to everyone's taste. If you cook it in the microwave, be careful not to over-cook it as it will dry out around the edges and turn very chewy (unless you like that of course). At just 190 calories for half of the dish (just the right amount of side dish), it's actually a fairly healthy but luxury-feeling product'

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 Tinned Tomatoes - Food Blog

Potato, Cheese and Onion Croquettes

 'Cooper and I absolutely loved these. We'll be looking out for them to try again. Crispy in the outside and soft, creamy and packed full of flavour on the inside.'  

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 Helpful Mum - Family and lifestyle blogger

'Mash Direct is a family run farm in Northern Ireland. They pride themselves in providing fresh produce of the highest quality to stores around the globe. We were invited to spend a day exploring the farm, seeing their kitchens and experiencing the reality of field to fork.'

 'When I spoke to Martin about how much fresher food from the garden tastes, he pointed out that it's because the vegetables are still growing when you cook it. I hadn't contemplated that before, but it's true. I picked the veg up and a few minutes later they are being cooked for our tea. This is why Mash Direct harvest and cook their produce on site and it means that their food really is incredibly fresh and you know you're getting good food.'

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You Baby Me Mummy - Food 

 Cauliflower Cheese Gratin

'Cauliflower Cheese i a favourite meal in our house and I usually make my own, adding in a few extras like onions and bacon. So, adhering to the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' ideal, I decided to keep it simple and had the Gratin with some crispy bacon and fresh crusty bread. The first thing that struck me was how good the Cauliflower tasted; it was full of flavour (and that's not something that often strikes me about Cauliflower I must admit).The sauce was wonderfully creamy and the grated cheese and crumb topping had melted and slightly browned in the oven. The only down side was that I ate it too quickly!'

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