Reboot your Routine Student Competition

Are you missing the comfort and taste of homemade meals while studying at university?
At Mash Direct, we are all about making life easier and helping you whip up a tasty homemade dinner in no time!
We’re giving you a chance to WIN one of our hampers delivered to your door! Simply head to our Facebook page and ‘tag’ a student who you think deserves a box of our Farm Fresh products!


Hidden Vegetable Sausage Roll

Can’t get enough of sausage rolls? Why not try this recipe with a veggie twist?🥕🥦
This recipe mixes our Broccoli with Cheese Sauce and award winning Carrot & Parsnip mash with sausage meat to create a tasty Sausage Roll for everyone to enjoy!

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Cabbage Hash Recipe

Whip up this traditional Cabbage Hash using two of our farm fresh dishes, and save yourself time in the kitchen while still creating something delicious!


Grab our Roast Potatoes and award-winning Green Cabbage to create an easy mid-week meal that’s full of flavour. Give it a try and let us know what you think!




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Reboot Your Routine!


We know January can be a challenging time of the year, and getting back into a routine can be difficult for everyone.

…but fear not, here at Mash Direct we’re here to help “Reboot your Routine!”


We want to lend a helping hand and give back time to busy families, students learning to cook for the first time, or anyone keen to get into a routine that supports their health and wellbeing.


To kick start the year, we’ll be sharing recipes, tips and tricks from ourselves and some extra special creators, so make sure to keep checking back in to find ideas that’ll help you and everyone get back on track for 2022!





New Year, New Routine?


Reboot Your Routine with Mash Direct – we have launched a new campaign focusing on getting back into your weekly routine. To help encourage people across the UK and Ireland to increase their vegetable consumption, we aim to help with meal planning, cooking veg-packed meals and spending more time with friends and family than stuck in the kitchen.


Check out our Social Media pages for some top tips on Rebooting Your Routine, with meal planners, healthier recipe suggestions and our ‘Top Tips’ for getting back to normality after the holiday season. Keep an eye out for our competitions to win your own Mash Direct Routine Booster – complete with Recipe Books, some of our favourite Mash Direct Dishes and our kitchen essentials, such as oven gloves and aprons.


Our wide range of award-winning Vegetable Side Dishes, including Carrot & Parsnip, Broccoli in a Cheese Sauce, and our signature Mashed Potato, helps make mealtimes more effortless and our dishes are designed to pair easily with a variety of foods to enjoy! Quick and easy to prepare, they can lend a helping hand to everyone; from busy families, to students cooking for themselves for the first time, and anyone keen to get into a weekly routine to help support their health.


Jack Hamilton, Chief Operations Officer of Mash Direct, commented: “We are committed in playing our part to encourage consumers to eat more vegetables as part of the ‘Peas Please Pledge’ with Food Foundation. We want our Reboot Your Routine campaign to show people how easy and quick it can be to cook with more veg. We hope it will encourage everyone to not only eat better but free up more time to spend with each other, another focus which is more important than ever at this time.”




Mad about mash.

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