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Potato Podimas

Potato Podimas (Spiced Mashed Potatoes)  

Potato Podimas (Spiced Mashed Potatoes)

Serves: 2

Cooking Time: 20 Mminutes





400g Mash Direct Mashed Potatoes

3-4 Green Chillis

2 Red Chillis




1 tbsp Oil

1 tsp Mustard

1 tsp Udad dal

1 tsp Chana dal

Sprig of Curry Leaves

Corriander Leaves 

Grated Coconut


1. Keep the Mash Direct Mashed Potatoes aside for the minute.

2. In a wok, heat some oil, add in the mustard and when it begins to crackle add in the udad dal and chana dal.

3. When the dals turn slightly pinkish add in the red chillis and let mixture become plump.

4. Then add in the asafetida, curry leaves, finely chopped green chillis, the finely grated ginger and salt.

5. Add in the Mash Direct Mashed Potatoes and mix well.

6. Let mixture cook for a few minutes and then garnish with finely chopped corriander leaves and freshly grated coconut.

7. Mix well and serve.

Serving Suggestion: You can grind the green chillis, ginger and coconut into a dry paste without adding water. Follow the above method and once the red chillis become plump, add the asafetida, curry leaves and then the dry masala mix that you have grinded together. Add some salt and roast for a couple of minutes until you start to smell a lovely coconut aroma. Then add the Mashed Potatoes and cook for a further couple of minutes. Serve with gravy and rice for an authentic Indian dish!

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