Waste Water Assistant

Waste Water Assistant

What your job is all about:               


You will be hands on with maintaining operations around the site and collecting water, solid waste and wastewater effluent samples for laboratory testing and performing various standardized laboratory tests (such as a Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), bacteriological examination, alkalinity, hardness, pH, chlorine, suspended solids testing, and other related agency tests to help us ensure we are meeting the correct standards) and you will be able to recommend improvements.


Who you are:


You will be someone with an eye for detail, be highly organised & have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in chemistry, biology, microbiology or a closely related field as defined by the appointing authority and be experienced in the:


– Operation and care of standard test equipment used in test procedures

– Laboratory processes and procedures involving water and wastewater testing

– Northern Ireland Water and Environmental agencies requirements for compliance testing of wastewater, ground water, and solid waste samples

– Computer applications to water testing and analysis procedures

– General site maintenance


And Skilled in:


– Performing standard laboratory tests

– Communicating effectively and following written and verbal instructions;

– Using standard laboratory, water and wastewater treatment equipment’s;

– Performing mathematical and statistical calculations if it is need; using automated information systems for tracking data and report generation


And hold:


A safety certificate regarding safe work practices and safe laboratory procedures.


What you will be doing:


 Your job will be varied and typical activities will include:


– Operating, calibrating and maintaining water post filters equipment and instruments such as Ultraviolet-Visible (UV), analytical balances, Hach meters, pH meters and wastewater equipment’s and pumps

– Preparing food waste for off-site haulage and helping ensure proper disposal in all Production Department areas

– Maintaining inventory records on laboratory equipment, chemicals, supplies and hazardous chemicals and materials

– Recording all facilities and equipment in accordance to Production Department professional standards

– Adhering to safety procedures in cleaning, sanitation and chemical plan, ensuring that current Safety procedures are incorporated in the proper way and standard operating procedures

– Maintaining laboratory records and logbooks on testing and quality control measures as required by regulatory standards

– Recording test results in spreadsheets and automated information management systems for analyses and records maintenance;

– Reviewing and recommending revisions to the standardized operating procedures used for analytical testing

– Training new support staff for technical and production departments

– Preparing and assisting with Quality Assurance/Quality Control to comply with licensure requirements with Technical and Production Departments

– Analysing E. coli, faecal coliform and other microbiological organisms

– Operating an incinerator

– Assisting with annual audit activities

– Making recommendations for improvements


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Closing Date: 16th September 2019

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